Cloud X Distro is complaint with all laws from state to state and country to country. We are here to serve authentic E-Cig and Vapor products to you the consumer, adult consumers only! We will comply directly with the Attorney General and the United States government, with any changes for E-Cig or Vape mailing, processing, and delivery methods. You the consumer should review these changes as well, Cloud X Distro is providing you a link to the PACT Act and laws regarding “preventing online sales of e-cig to children act and ‘prevent all cigarettes trafficking (PACT) Act. These new laws require age verification entering our website and age verifying during the checkout process, to further prevent minors from purchasing our products. The change will furthermore require you the consumer to sign upon arrival of mail and require only you to receive the products. This change may require more patience for you the consumer however, further prevent any and all minors gaining access to our products. Cloud X Distro wants to do everything to keep our children or teens away from E-Cig and Vapor Products, lets graduate towards the change and create a safer environment for our communities!

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