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Juul and beyond!

Juul Vape and Beyond! When Juul came out in 2015 it changed the game in the tobacco industry forever! It was a device that uses pods filled with e-juice. E-juice also known as vape juice is a mixture of water, food grade flavoring or natural flavoring, a choice of nicotine levels or zero nicotine, and propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG).


It caught on quick amongst the young adults. Around 2015, more and more vape brands with e-juice pods started to emerge and flood the markets. That being said the earliest E-cig and or vaping disposables started to come out in 2003. The overall look, feel, quality has changed tremendously since. The world of smoking tobacco took a massive shift when Juul popped onto the scene. Big Tobacco started to see a loss in sales because; Juul gave the tobacco industry a device that was portable and easy to use.

The best aspect of Juul is the selection of flavors, before state and federal laws started to regulate flavors of e-juice pods. If you like mango, you can taste the tropical flavor of the islands on the tip of your tongue or if you prefer a more classic stance you can try Iced Mint or even Menthol flavor e-juice pods. The next best aspect of Juul is the nicotine levels at 3% or 5%, for users who don’t want as much or users who want a stronger kick to their puffs. The amount of puffs you can get from each pod is 200 puffs which is approximately equivalent to one pack of cigarettes.

Juul Vape and Beyond:

Vape / E-Cig Disposables…

Vape or E-cig Disposables are on the go, one time use vape devices! Instead of sparking hundreds of cigarettes a month, now adults can save money and use a disposable.

Since then companies like Myle, Puff, Stig, LOY, and more, started to become wildly popular with young adults and the older crowd too. Each brand started marketing to their unique fans. Some brands more classy or down to earth hip than one another’s. 

What makes them so popular!? You Ask…

The main popular factor is because, of each brand’s adopted flavors! Flavors range from Lush Ice a cool watermelon taste, Mint variations, and Mango combo flavors. Each Brand having their own unique style, strength of nicotine, and overall taste. The second most popular factor of disposables are the size, portable, and concealed easily! Some as small as our pinky fingers and some larger that may pack more e-juice the size of middle fingers or bigger. As the modern e-cig industry ages we will see more regulations and changes, remember it’s only a baby being started in 2003 by Hon Lik inventor of the modern day E-cig. As vaping dates back centuries, One day Cloud X Distro hopes that combustible cigarettes are ancient history and vaping industry will have lasted, expanding many years from now! Safer than cigarettes will ever be!

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